2016 Saleen Mustang

April 29, 2016 — American | 8 Comments Supercharged Saleen: 70K Mile 1990 Ford Mustang This 1990 Saleen Mustang runs a built, supercharged 5.0 and is said to have just 70k miles from new.

Saleen Supercharger Mustang GT 475 HP (05-09) - SALEEN 3V SUPERCHARGER 475 HP PACKAGE Series VI integrated Twin Screw supercharger with two-stage water-to-air intercooling system. FITS 05-2009 MUSTANG GT (07-09 Mustang add optional Ford coolant kit) In our opinion the Saleen twin screw supercharger is the most reliable supercharger system for the money.

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    S302. white label base msrp from $46k 185 . yellow label base msrp from $57k 185 . black label base msrp from $78k 185 .

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    One look at the 2015 Saleen 302 Mustang and you get a familiar feeling of previewing the next legendary muscle car. With this Saleen 302 first look, take that legendary status and add over 30 years of Saleen racing, design, and engineering DNA and the result is something truly worthy of iconic status..

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    In the movie “Transformers,” the evil Decepticon Barricade stalks the good guys cleverly disguised as a Saleen Mustang S281 police car and challenges Bumblebee’s Camaro to a high speed race..

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    Amazing Torch red 2002 Saleen S281 for sale! Up for sale is an amazing bright torch red authentic Saleen S281 N A. Serial number 02 490. Approx 106k miles..