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Batteries may be wired in parallel or in series. Two 12-volt batteries wired in parallel continue to produce 12 volts, but the capacity doubles. Two 12-volt batteries wired in series produce 24 volts, but the capacity remains the same as one for a 12-volt battery. Charging 12-volt batteries wired in parallel requires a 12-volt battery charger.

The combination of the proper charging of batteries in parallel along with an on-broad desulfator, such as the PP-12-L by Pulsetech, your RV and marine batteries will not become the bane of your existence. And you will have extra money to take your spouse out for a nice dinner...several times over! This video provides you a step-by-step guide on how to charge two (2) twelve volt (12V) batteries in parallel. Learn more at: http://www ...

Batteries A and B are in parallel. Batteries C and D are in parallel. The parallel combination A and B is in series with the parallel combination C and D. Again, the total battery pack voltage is 24 volts and that the total battery pack capacity is 40 amp-hours.

A parallel wiring adapter for the main leads. A parallel wiring adapter for the balance leads is optional but highly recommended. All the packs you charge in parallel must be the same type and cell count. Ideally the packs to be charged should all be at a similar voltage.

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