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Disposing of an old or damaged barbecue gas grill is not as simple as merely throwing out the unit. Because of the specific and potentially dangerous nature of typical gas grill components, owners of these barbecue grills can’t simply put the grill out with the normal household trash. Even if you ...

How To: Dispose of Gasoline Once gas ages, it loses some of the combustibility to fire up an engine, but its flammability makes it a pain when it comes time to dispose of it.

If your mower is still in working condition, you can dispose of it by donating it to a local charity.Some charities accept working lawnmowers in good condition to sell and use the proceeds to fund programs within the organization.

Fire extinguishers need to be replaced or refilled to ensure they work properly in the event of a home fire. Refills and recharges are available through local fire departments. Recycling and disposing varies by location, and owners should check local regulations for proper disposal.

How to Dispose of Television Sets. Unfortunately, old televisions sets can't be left by the curb with your normal trash for pickup. Old TVs contain harmful chemicals and parts that need to be safely dealt with by professionals. Instead of...

Knowing how to dispose of hazardous waste is imperative for citizens and business owners alike. Hazardous waste can be harmful to humans, animals and the environment.

The inevitable question for RC hobbyists is how to get rid of old or damaged LiPo (Lithium polymer battery). There are tons of videos online showing how dangerous LiPo batteries can be if not handled correctly, causing explosions and fire. In this guide we will show you how to dispose damaged and old LiPo batteries safely.

How to Dispose of Batteries. We use batteries to run everything from flashlights to cars. But getting rid of a used-up battery can pose a problem. Because they contain various hazardous materials, including heavy metals and acids,...

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As your home ages, your roofing will need to be replaced and the old shingles tossed. Asphalt is one of the most common materials for shingles, and as such, millions of tons of them are tossed out every year. However, before generating more waste for your local landfill, consider alternative disposal solutions first.