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Dear John: This is a question we get frequently. The answer, as it is so often with major home projects, is there’s a big potential cost range for rewiring a house.

Outdated electrical wiring can be dangerous and is a common cause of domestic fire, so find out about the cost of rewiring a house safely here.

Does my house need rewiring? Rewiring a house has many factors to consider such as cost, how long it will take and how the work will affect your day-to-day life whilst the project is ongoing.

We take a look at the cost of various electrical jobs. From a simple inspection to a full rewire.

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Mobile Home Removal Cost. Mobile home removal cost ranges from $1000-$10,000 depending on the size and condition of the home, if it being demolished or moved to a different location, and if it is old and rusty or in good shape.

Does Your House Need Rewiring ? A house rewire is a major job, but if the wiring in your house is old or inadequate, a house rewire would be an urgent safety matter.

The average cost to wire a home is $1,320.While the project can run as little as $125 and as much as $4,300, wiring or rewiring typically falls between $538 and $2,102.This will depend on how much, what type of work you need done, and how long it will take an electrician to complete.

House renovation costs: how much does it cost to renovate a house? Find out how to budget accurately for your house renovation and trim costs at the same time with our guide to estimating for key projects

You need more information to answer this question. A few of the items needed would be the height of the room as well as specifications on the framing (ie. 16" center verses 24 …" center).Does ...