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It is an uncompromising attitude in the late Jewish history, together with the apparently obvious meaning of the First Commandment, that are responsible for the common idea that Jews had no images

Many of us are in an ideal place to begin Advent, but we don’t know it. It can be tempting to think that, because we are struggling these days, we can’t enter into Advent without a big change in our mood or without distancing ourselves from our real experience.

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What Do Each of the Four Advent Candles Stand For?. Though the modern calendar year begins on January 1, many Christians know that the church year truly begins on the fourth Sunday before Christmas--the first day of Advent. To celebrate the season, Christians join in the tradition of the Advent wreath. But what is the story behind the wreath, and...

Preparing Ourselves First The first, and most important thing we can do to prepare our children for Advent is to prepare ourselves first.

St. Martin of Tours: St. Martin of Tours, patron saint of France, father of monasticism in Gaul, and the first great leader of Western monasticism. Of pagan parentage, Martin chose Christianity at age 10. As a youth, he was forced into the Roman army, but later—according to his disciple and biographer Sulpicius

The Meaning of Advent Candles. Like many Christmas traditions in the Christian faith, the Advent wreath is pagan in origin. Christian churches light a candle each Sunday during the four weeks leading to Christmas. Some families make their own Advent wreaths to light at home.

This tutorial is going to walk you through what to put in your advent calendar, and almost every piece of the Story is going to be things you already have around your house. This would also be a great craft to do with a group (MOPs, craft night, family gathering, etc.)! Advent and Christmas Crafts and Activities For Children. Please note: this page contains archived information from

Click here to: The Season of Advent: Anticipation and Hope. Dennis Bratcher The Spirit of Advent The Colors of Advent Evergreens and The Advent Wreath Celebrating Advent An Advent Reflection Music for Advent. Advent is the beginning of the Church Year for most churches in the Western tradition.