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Vintage Tire Size Conversion Chart. Use the following chart to figure out the closest modern tire size to your car's original tires. Keep in mind these are close approximations and may not be exact replacements.

Old Size: Letter Size: 82 Series: 80 Series: 75 Series: 70 Series: 65 Series: 60 Series: 50 Series: 6.00-14 : 155R14 : 175/70R14: 185/65R14 : 6.45-14 : 155R14 : 175/70R14

While today's P-metric passenger tire sizes have existed since the early 1980s, restoring classic muscle cars and pony cars has kept yesterday's numeric and alpha numeric tires from disappearing. This chart has been developed to help you determine their equivalent Euro-metric and P-metric tire...

Browse our tire conversion charts by wheel size or tire diameter to find the tire conversion you're looking for. Every tire size is listed with its metric measurements and inch size equivalent.

Calculating Tire Dimensions. Modern metric tire dimensions Example...185/60R14 85H or 185/60HR14. The first number is the width of the tire in millimeters, measured from sidewall to sidewall.

Metric to English Conversion. Enter tire width, sidewall and wheel (ie.LT265/75R16 width=265 sidewall=75 wheel=16) then click on calculate for the tire height.

Tire Sizes and Conversion Chart There are basically three different systems of tire description: Inch system (You are probably familiar with it as tire size readings like 5.00 - 16 or

Below is a chart to convert your bias tire size to a radial size for tractor tires.

Tire size conversion chart (Common agricultural tire sizes listed) Inch size . Metric conversion (mm) 11.4. 290. 12.4. 315. 12.6. 320. 13.6. 345. 14.9. 378. 15.0. 380 ...

Metric tire conversion can be quite a pain. With inch tire sizes the first number is the height and the second is the width. Well, with metric sizes the first number is the width and the second is the percent of the width that is the sidewall height.