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Questions about car ownership in Ontario? Learn how to transfer or change vehicle ownership. Replace lost vehicle permits, see costs and more.

Proper transfer of vehicle ownership between family is tax free. There are minor costs associated with it, but the ability to avoid paying tax on a vehicle is always worth the hassle of running around.

General I have a vehicle to donate, what’s the procedure? Step One: Complete and submit the online donation form or call the Kidney Car Line.Note: If calling, please be sure to have your V.I.N number on hand (found on the vehicle ownership, on the windshield of the car or on insurance papers)

When you buy a trailer from someone else in Ontario, you will be required to transfer ownership of the vehicle and register it with the Ontario Ministry of Transportation. You will need to provide the appropriate documentation as well as pay the required fees for licensing and new plates if required. Transferring ...

When the Harmonized Sales Tax activated in Ontario July 1, 2010, all car purchases are taxes at 13%. New cars are taxed at 13% of the invoiced price. Used cars have a “higher-of” calculation for taxable amount, this is explained in further detail below. Taxable Amount For Used Cars The taxable amount is the higherRead More

By Ontario law, private sellers of most motor vehicles, including motorcycles, must provide buyers with a Used Vehicle Information Package. This package guides you through the process of buying or selling and helps you understand your rights and responsibilities.

Learn more about how financing options work when buying a vehicle in Ontario, such as taking out a lease or getting a loan, and what the advantages and disadvantages are for each. Our guide will help you navigate the automotive financing process so you are prepared ahead of time.

Ontario Vehicle Registration : Learn About Car Registration Renewals, Costs And FAQs

The Responsible Animal Ownership By-law is for the health and safety of residents, property protections, and prevention of public issues. It has rules about:

CAR APPRAISAL LETTER $39.95 A car appraisal letter can save you $100's on HST Tax when transferring ownership at Service Ontario if the vehicle has excessive wear or severe damage (mechanical/body problems, accident history, and high km).