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The Stanley Motor Carriage Company was an American manufacturer of steam-engine vehicles; it operated from 1902 to 1924. The cars made by the company were colloquially called Stanley Steamers, although several different models were produced.

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This web site,, discusses the technical aspects of the Stanley Steam Car. The Stanley Steamer ~ America's Legendary Steam Car, published in 2004 by the Stanley Museum, details the rich history of the company that manufactured these cars as well as the twins who invented America's best known steam car.

These records represent runs made in one direction only. Not until December 1910, did two way timed run regulations go into effect. On August 31, 1899 Freelan 0.

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A steam car is a car (automobile) powered by a steam engine. A steam engine is an external combustion engine (ECE) where the fuel is combusted away from the engine, as opposed to an internal combustion engine (ICE) where the fuel is combusted within the engine. ECEs have a lower thermal efficiency, but it is easier to regulate carbon monoxide production.

Freelan O. Stanley and his wife Flora drove a Stanley Steamer to the top of Mt. Washington on Aug. 31, 1899, one of the earliest publicity stunts in the automotive industry.

Stanley Register Online Here is a list of known Stanley Steamers. It started as a way for me to organize and consolidate the information I've gathered from a wide variety of sources.

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    Perhaps the best known and best selling steam car was the Stanley Steamer, produced from . Between , Stanley outsold all gasoline powered cars and was second only to the electric cars of the Columbia Automobile Company in the US..

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