The First Car Ever Made

The first hybrid car ever made, invented or sold in the world is outlined including the original series or parallel gasoline-electric models plus the involvement of Ferdinand Porsche.

How The Car Changed The County, Town by Town. In 1903, in Winfield, Kansas Mr. H. T. Trice is seen standing in from of the first car in town. Acutally it was more like a truck and was used to haul customers out to see land.

The most expensive car ever made has been sold. The Bugatti "La Voiture Noire," built to to mark the automaker's 110th anniversary, sold for €11 million euros ($12.5 million) after debuting ...

The first Porsche-designed car was unveiled in Stuttgart, Germany, on Monday. It had been sitting in an old shed in Austria since 1902. The car is, officially, the 1898 Egger-Lohner electric ...

Taranaki man Phil Brown owns the fastest production car ever made.

To give a brief overview of the history of model car racing we should begin in the early part of the last century. That may seem a long way back but by the 1920s organisations were already running events for clockwork cars.

The first Ford Mustang owner kept the car. It's now worth $350,000. The third-grade teacher who was the first person to buy a Ford Mustang has brought it to the Dream Cruise in suburban Detroit.

The brothers built their first car in a workshop located in a building in downtown Springfield, MA. Their new invention was rolled onto the city streets for testing in September 1893.

The Yugo (pronounced ), also marketed as the Zastava Koral (pronounced [ˈzâːstaʋa ˈkǒraːl], Serbian Cyrillic: Застава Корал) and Yugo Koral, is a supermini hatchback formerly manufactured by Zastava Automobiles, at the time a Yugoslav corporation.. Originally designed in Italy, as a variant of the Fiat 127, the first Yugo prototype was manufactured on 2 July 1977.

Bugatti has unveiled the most expensive new car ever built at the Geneva Auto Show. La Voiture Noir costs €11 million (£9.46 million) and was launched to celebrate the company’s 110th ...