Uber Lease Car

Want to drive with Uber but don't have a car? Check out car options offered by our partners, and find a vehicle solution that’s right for you.

Today people use their own vehicles for rideshare driving. Sometimes though, Uber and Lyft drivers will buy, rent or lease a car for the sole purpose of rideshare driving.

Best Uber Car Rental & Lyft Car Rental Options. Disclosure: this page contains affiliate links. There aren’t a lot of requirements to become an Uber or Lyft driver, but one thing that holds a lot of people back is an eligible vehicle.

Uber’s Vehicle Solutions program offers discounts and partnerships to help you get a car and start driving.

Yes, with HyreCar you don't have to worry about getting your own personal insurance policy. When you rent a car for Uber, Lyft, or any other ridesharing service using HyreCar, we take care of the necessary insurance for you.

Ending a turbulent year marked by heavy losses, Uber is said to be selling its auto lease business, which may have cost the company hundreds of millions of dollars and has drawn criticism for ...

Best solution: Use the car you already own. This might seem like common sense, but if you already own a car that qualifies for Uber, use it! Your car payment, if you even have one, will almost always be lower than a lease or rental payment.

Uber has also operated promotional limited services, such as rides of up to 15 minutes each on September 6–8, 2013 in San Francisco in the DeLorean that was featured in the Back to the Future film franchise.. Driving with Uber. Most Uber drivers use their own cars although drivers can rent or lease a car to drive with Uber.

*Uber LUX vehicles are also accepted. Find more about UberBLACK Vehicle Requirements here.. UberSUV car requirements. You must have commercial car insurance, a TCP, and an airport permit in most cities to satisfy the Uber car requirements.

Uber approved cars available for PCO car hire and lease. We provide a range of cars ideal for UberX, UberXL, UberEXEC and UberWAV.